Raw almond milk

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Manikan is Bali-based new venture created by a best friend of mine. As a new player in the market,

they turned to me for a help to create their branding (Logo, Product Catalogue, Social Media Ad,

Promotional Poster). Manikan wants to craft unique collaboration between classic endek and

coming of age leather. I then made a logo based on the shape of a heart, almost close to the shape

of the letter M to simbolize the love of domestic products.maniikan-01

Product Catalogue

I also design the product catalogue to capture each and unique design of every single item

to introduce the product and collection to the market.


Eat & Eat


Eat & Eat

Eat & Eat is a small macaroon homemade businees bassed in Bali, They don’t own a shop yet

and mostly sell and open to order via instagram.

Admist busy food & beverage online caterer, the owner still eager to introduce their product by

consulting a stand out and lavish design to me 23-01

Logo Placement




Corporate Identity for PPIPTEK

” The Playful Place for Science”

I made my first visit to PPIPTEK once i was 8 years old and was amused by its collection.

I am aware that parents these days hardly bring their children to the science center. hence leaving this

valuable asset a bit abandoned. This is my way to appreciate the existence of the science center

by recreating the enormosity and mystery of science in fun way so every children and adults can relate

to the message brought by the new brand and the collection of the science center.


Stationery Set For PPIPTEK

This colorful logo is composed of tiny particles

(simply inspired by small particles like proton and electron altogether)

which represents the metaphor of children learning and playing with the demonstration tools

at the science center. These particles are scattered through consistent branding within for

the business cards, envelopes, lettehead, staff ID and Pen.