Special menu for Sri Phala Hotel.

Many of the menu are Balinese food, which many guests are not aware of the names or ingridients

let alone the look. So its food picture inside the menu is a strategy that I have chosen

to attract consumer appetite.




 When i was a kid, I read a lot of book related to handcrafts as my Grandmother and my Mother

are really into handmade artcrafts. They both love experimenting on unused and worn out goodies.

This was part of my final year project, i was trying to visualize how important is a book to inform people

about ways to recreate new stuff from old stuff with Do It Yourself Method.ygvg-01jhjh-01

I later found out during my journey on finishing this project :

there is always value in recreating old good memories and it is my pleasure to document all about

these, through my kind of visualization.

Birthday Invitation


Birthday invitation set, from invitation, envelopes, coaster and welcome table.

The birthday girl asked me to design the birthday invitation set flowers theme with dull colors.

Flyer Design



Ruangguru is a marketplace website that connects private tutors and potential students.

The website offers many subjects and varieties of tutors.

I got the chance to design some promotional toolkit which includes flyer and poster for

its targeted consumers (i.e through schools or educational events).

I also got the chance to revamp its website design.

Magazines Layout


Designing layout for travel magazines about journey to The North of Norway, Tromso.

To catch a sight of Northern Lights. Layout was emphasized with very minimalist and simple design

and more articulate with typography and white background.






 This infographic is the early process for my Final Project to compile

a D-I-Y Project and collect them into a book.

This Infographic emphasizes the importance, significance of such book.iok-01